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Connects To All Major Online Booking Channels

HiSITE Channel Manager will update your property's accommodation availability and rates in real time to the leading Online Travel Agents (OTAs). With automatic and instant updating, it’s easy to see why most HiRUM clients choose HiSITE as their Channel Manager!

Hotel Channel Management Software

HiSITE Channel Manager is a leading Hotel Channel Manager which connects your property to all the major online Booking Channels. Make the most of consumer buying habits and maximise your potential bookings by connecting automatically to these high traffic online sites.

Connect to booking channels

List your inventory, availability and rates on all the major online channels, and maximise your potential to secure business.

2 way integration

Push rate and availability changes to the channels, and have your availability automatically update when a channel booking is made.

Automate inventory

No more manually entering inventory or availability; let HiSITE automatically update your inventory for you.

Real time availability

Provide a better consumer experience –  availability is changed in real time to always show your current status.

Reduce risk

Minimise the risk of overbookings and ensure a positive guest booking experience.

Free up your time

Free up your time with our automated processes and focus on your guest’s experience.

Meta Channels

HiSITE Channel Manager will automatically update your property's accommodation availability and rates to the leading Meta Channels.

Automatically Updates

Integration into your HiRUM Property Management Software enables automatic and instant updating of your availability so your website and third party accommodation channels mirror your real time availability.

Automate Intuitive Pricing

HiSITE IP (Intuitive Pricing) takes automation to the next level by allowing you to set rate thresholds based on availability.  When that threshold is met, HiSITE IP will automatically adjust your rates accordingly, and feed them out to your online channels via HiSITE Channel Manager.

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